A system for linking, sharing and managing knowledge on natural resource management and climate change in Central Asia


International development agencies, local non-governmental organisations, local authorities and research institutions all have a vested interest in addressing acute problems related to Sustainable Land Management and climate mitigation and adaptation. However, the complex landscape of these stakeholders and different ways of collecting, processing, storing and exchanging information lead to major difficulties in locating existing knowledge and communicating this information to data users.

Therefore, identification of best partners and best experiences is not a simple task. These significant deficiencies in the knowledge management process show how urgent the creation of a more efficient approach that enables to simplify and speed up the exchange of information and sharing of knowledge between all parties involved. K(nowledge)-Link facilitates the exchange of information and sharing of knowledge among stakeholders working in the field of natural resource management and climate change. It finally helps organisations to create and manage their data in a more integrated manner.”