SIRIS Lab is a research and innovation centre
that aims to understand and improve organisations


With the main goal of applying research to enhance organisations, SIRIS Lab hosts an interdisciplinary team of experts from humanities to technology.


Data analytics and visualization
The extraction of knowledge from data through statistics, information technology and visualization for organisational diagnosis and development.


Knowledge representation and reasoning
The study of the expressivity and computational complexity of formal languages used to specify knowledge to enable intelligent and automatic support for problem solving.


Cultural evolution
The development of a trans-disciplinary framework to study how culture is transmitted, selected and changes (in a long term perspective).


Institutions and collective organisations*
The study of human organisations and their regulating norms, to understand how they can foster interaction, knowledge and fairness.
*organisational development, systems, borders.


Organisation of science
The quantitative study of how science is organised and communicated, paying special attention to science policies.


At SIRIS Lab we use cutting edge technologies to support the exploration of complex datasets. This enables our consultants and researchers to improve the understanding of the data they analyse.

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SIRIS Lab provides expertise on the design and development of data access and data integration technologies that are built on top of expert domain knowledge. We rely on state-of-the-art Semantic Web technologies, and current Linked Open Data standards, in order to offer semantically-transparent platforms, ready to acquire (and be complemented with) data from different sources, stored in different formats, and structured according to different conceptualizations.


SIRIS seminar: Benchmark observatories for research, innovation and higher education at the regional level.
Date: 03.04.2017
Author: Gloria Casanova, Joulia Smortchkova
SIRIS Workshop: Progetti congiunti di alta formazione attraverso l'attivazione di Assegni di ricerca
Date: 24.03.2017
Author: Various Members
SIRIS seminar: Topic modelling & smart manufacturing in Tuscany
Date: 09.01.2017
Author: Francesco Massucci
SIRIS seminar: The Politics of Innovation
Date: 16.09.2016
Author: Solange Chavel
SIRIS seminar: Introduction to Simulation: Complex social dynamics in a few lines of code
Date: 06.07.2016
Author: Xavier Rubio
SIRIS seminar: Data Visualization - Tableau software
Date: 18.05.2016
Author: Víctor Pascual Cid
SIRIS seminar: Moderation & facilitation techniques
Date: 16.03.2016
Author: Philipp Reichmuth
SIRIS seminar: International development cooperation
Date: 31.03.2015
Author: Florian Amon, Philipp Reichmuth
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SIRIS seminar: A short introduction to decision making
Date: 27.10.2014
Author: Johannes Keil
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SIRIS seminar: IGEDIT Impact of GEnder DIversity in research Teams
Date: 12.10.2014
Author: Solange Chavel & Anna Terraza
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SIRIS seminar: Impressions of LET'S 2014 conference
Date: 10.07.2014
Author: Alba Echarte & Maria Yubero
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SIRIS seminar: Cultural evolution: a darwinian approach to human behavior, change and social dynamics
Date: 30.06.2014
Author: Xavier Rubio
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SIRIS seminar: A new challenge the EU cohesion policy 2014-2020
Date: 23.06.2014
Author: Luca Giocoli
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SIRIS seminar: Conceptual Modelling
Date: 19.06.2014
Author: Alessandro Mosca
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SIRIS seminar: EU H2020 y Framework Program 7
Date: 27.05.2014
Author: Francesca Arcara
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